Rewards FAQ

The Basics

Earn points for all purchases, Every $1 spent = 1 point earned. Every 100 points earned = $5 cash back on purchases. Earn & Redeem points online or in store.

How does The Daily Creative Food Rewards work?

Once you’re enrolled, eating The Daily Creative earns you points (you’ll get them automatically if you order through your app or online account, or you can use your phone to scan).



Are there additional fees associated with delivery? Yes there is an additional delivery fee added to each order. This fee depends on your distance to the restaurant. The minimum delivery fee is $3, but increases the further your address is from the restaurant.

Delivery - General

How long will it take to delivery my food? We usually quote within the hour. Remember this is only an estimate. Sometimes we are able to get there much sooner and other times we may need a little extra time. Our goal is to always expedite the delivery process as quickly as possible.

Can I cancel my online or mobile order after I’ve submitted it? When you submit an order, it’s sent directly to our kitchen, si it can begin being prepared immediately. That makes canceling orders sort of a challenge. If you really must cancel, and you’ve ordered directly through our app or online, reach out to the restaurant directly. If we haven’t already started your order, then we we will be more than happy to cancel it.

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